I think we could lose our home from a foreclosure or sheriff/constable sale. What now?

February 7, 2013

If your house is in the midst of foreclosure, filing bankruptcy is a way to save your home. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to take action now. Too many people wait until the week of the sheriff sale to try to file bankruptcy. This is a mistake. There are just too many documents that you must deliver to your bankruptcy attorney’s office before you can file. And once your attorney has those documents, your lawyer needs to carefully examine them. Too often the wrong document is brought in. For example, your attorney wants six months worth of pay stubs. But it can not be just any six months. Another problem with waiting is the closer that you get to sale date the more costs are incurred that you will have to pay back in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment. To be really safe you should contact a bankruptcy lawyer the day you receive a notice from a court that a creditor has begun the steps towards suing you.


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What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a right provided by law to people who are deeply in debt and in need of a fresh start. Bankruptcy will discharge many of your debts and you will not have to pay them, except that mortgages and other liens may still need to be paid if you want to keep the secured property.

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